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singer & allround musician

With a passion for music and people, Elwin strikes the right chord with his audience, student and customer. And not only with his voice... discover what else is music in it!

Elwin Lentze, zanger & vocal coach
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"Elwin heeft tijdens onze events de muziek verzorgd. En dat deed hij meer dan prima! Door het repertoire af te stemmen op de bezoekers was iedereen bijzonder positief over zijn optredens. Ik heb, als organisator, de muzikale invulling met een gerust hart aan Elwin over kunnen laten. Aanrader!

Patricia, klant 

"Elwin takes the time and reassures you.

He also gives you techniques that will make you sing with confidence.

Nienke, workshop participant

Cover bands - Let's party!

Live muziek voor elke gelegenheid

vocals | guitar | bass

Cover bands - Let's party!

vocals | guitar | bass

Diensten overzicht

"Elwin is a versatile musician at heart.

In addition to his singing qualities, he plays many instruments at a high level."

"Elwin is extremely compassionate in his teamwork. It is very nice to be guided by him!"

Vincent, musician

Merry, musician

Elwin Lentze, zanger & vocal coach

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