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Custom intro tunes

for podcast/vlog

A recognizable part of every podcast (and  vlog) is the intro music. A short clip of no more than 15 seconds at the beginning of your podcast ensures that people's attention is drawn  for your podcast episode.

With this tune you can distinguish yourself from other podcasts. It is the musical logo of your broadcast (and company). 

Of course you can download a tune from the internet somewhere. However,  music is often protected  with copyrights and you want your tune to be unique, right?

So have your musical business card custom made by Elwin.

He will make an inventory of the wishes in a conversation with you. Think of: atmosphere, instruments, acoustic or not,  with or without vocals, length, repetition, etc. etc.

Became curious?

Request a free consultation and quote!

Elwin Lentze, jingles op maat
Jingles op maat: Project

Sample Podcast Tune

Commissioned by Verus, conceived and performed by LentzeMusic

In front of  In the podcast series Zin in Education, Verus was looking for a suitable tune at the beginning and end of each episode. Preference was given to relaxed, modern, spiritual, recognizable tune, 10-15 seconds.

Jingles op maat: voorbeel
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