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'Singing in your own hit'

fun | vocal coaching | home record | possible at your home


Family outing, team activity or just an original gift? Book this workshop, where you will sing a song with real studio equipment under professional guidance. What is unique is that you also receive vocal coaching!


  • The location is determined in consultation, you can arrange it yourself or you come to the cozy home studio in Culemborg.

  • The number of participants is a maximum of 5 per workshop.

  • You can propose a song yourself or choose one from the immense repertoire.  

  • Elwin buys a good backing track or plays the accompaniment himself.

  • Own or existing text, it's your choice.

  • The program lasts approximately 2.5 hours.

  • Afterwards, the song will be professionally mixed and you will receive the final version by email.

You will be amazed by your own singing talents and the professional end result… Elwin will take care of that!

Prices: approx. €75-€200

Request a free quote!

Workshop 'Eigen hit inzingen': Project


"The gift I received is incalculable in value!"

Nienke van der Zwan

"My husband and I would rather give each other memories than things for the birthday. Spending time together is one of the most valuable things you can give, in our opinion. Last birthday I received an unforgettable gift. My husband arranged that we as a family with 2 boys aged 11 and 8, we were able to record a song in Elwin's studio. This was a complete surprise for me. Elwin guided us wonderfully; a nice mix of professional expertise and a personal touch. He took his time, learned us how songs are often constructed and how vocal cords work. Most of all, he reassured us and gave us techniques that allowed us to sing with confidence. My husband and children had already selected a song with Elwin beforehand. It was slightly adjusted so that it suited us voice level. After discussing who was going to sing which part of the song, we went to the cozy studio, to suddenly sing out loud into a microphone and make yourself loud and clear. k in headphones was new to all of us and quite exciting at first. Elwin put us at ease and made it a pleasant afternoon. After we had sung the song, he mixed the song and tuned our voices even better. We now have a beautiful song that takes us back to a moment where we conquered our fear, learned new things, admired each other even more and had a lot of fun. The gift I received is incalculable in value. Elwin, thank you so much for all this!"

Workshop 'Eigen hit inzingen': Review
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